Solar Coolers

In the Solar Air Cooler DC volt generated by batteries through solar Photovoltaic use to run the coolers. These air cooler ranges from 18 Vol to 36. (DC) operated. Solar Air Cooler consumes very low voltage if you run this directly with its control unit through electricity and also gives you very good backup in power cut (8 to 10 hrs.) The Solar Air Cooler we offer is 100% energy efficient due to its low electricity consumption when run through AC vol. Two types of Solar Air Cooler include AC /DC air cooler and AC/DC + Solar air cooler.


  • No fear of electric shock
  • No fear of power cut
  • Extra large water tank
  • Long life durable PMDC motor
  • It can also illuminate 3-4 lights (DC)
  • Eco- friendly because Solar Energy does not create pollution

Technical Specifications

  • Operation : 18  to 24V DC
  • Capacity : 60W
  • Battery Bank : 12V 40AH X 2 in 1st Model And 12V 26AH X 2 in 2nd Model
  • SPV : 45W x 2
  • Charging : Through Electricity in 1st Model and Through Electricity & Solar in 2nd Model
  • Charger : SMPS And Transformer in 1st Model Duel Charging in 2nd Model
  • Body : 28x40”
  • Water Tank : 9”
  • Body Gage : 22
  • Fan Size : 18